All About Meetup


Welcome to Meetup -- for Newcomers Members

We have established a Charlottesville Newcomers Meetup Group. It’s totally optional, and does not replace the activities we plan monthly. But if you want to see what it would be like to join in different kinds of activities with other Newcomers, this is for you.

First of all, our Meetup group is only open to members of Charlottesville Newcomers Club, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be running into strangers. These are the same folks you see at luncheons and socials and bridge games and book groups. Your name isn’t displayed to anyone outside of Newcomers.

Second, it’s easy. Our group is at Head on over and sign up. If you want step-by-step instructions, we’ve put those together for you: click here to get them.

And third, our Meetup group is for you. Don’t see any activities on our page that interest you? Let us know what you want to do. Just click on the list of organizers on the left side of the page and send a message. We can help you set up an event.

So think about it – what would you like to do next week?